Henrik Busch

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Henrik Busch

Chairman of Better City Copenhagen

The New City Bike System is a Win for Copenhagen!

Denmark and Copenhagen are known for first introducing city bikes almost 20 years ago. The first generation city bikes were used for many years but were eventually phased out to be replaced by a more modern solution. The next generation of bikes is now on the way and has been introduced in Copenhagen. We can see that much has developed since the days of the earlier system. The new city bikes are now e-bikes, making it easier for people who are not used to cycling or who do not want to get "sweaty" on route to their destination.

Secondly, technology has meant that the tablet PC on the bikes is the core of the product. It delivers a broad range of features and offers many options for the user, whether you are a citizen, visitor, tourist or business. The economics of the city bike system has been reviewed and discussed, with the overall conclusion that it offers a solid business model and good public investment. We want Copenhagen to be world’s best city for cyclists and therefore the Better City Group is very happy that the new generation of city bikes are now in operation. If you have not tried one of the new bikes yet - then take one for a ride today!
Henrik Busch
Chairman of Better City Copenhagen (Bedre By København)