Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard

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Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard

CEO, Greenovation

A graduate in Political Science, chairman/member of several major environmental companies and former Mayor of Copenhagen, Bo Asmus Kjeldgaard is a keen advocate of greener, more sustainable cities and a man who knows how to make a difference.

He has had a direct influence in Copenhagen’s bid to become the first carbon-neutral capital. Some of the improvements made under his guidance include the development of the city’s second-to-none cycle lanes, the planting of 100,000 more trees and the addition of wind turbines for power.

Bo Asmus is the founder and CEO of Greenovation, a consultancy dedicated to helping cities solve the climate challenge through greener modes of transport and sustainable energy sources. Part of the company’s philosophy is to bridge the gap between politicians, businesses and the public.

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